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Arquitecture & Interior Design Photography

- Hoteles, Hostels and Cabins.
- Constructions. 
- Real State Photography (Sales/ Property rentals).
- Rentals for AIRBNB platform, etc.
- Institutional photography of historic buildings, Cafes, Restaurants, Museums, Sanatoriums, etc.
- Interior Design projects.

- Professional camera Canon Full Frame (up to 50 Megapíxels) with professional Canon "L" (Luxury) lenses. 
- Carbon fiber professional tripods.
- Canon flashes (radio controlled).
- Adobe Lightroom

- Adobe Photoshop
- Capture One

I have more than 15 years of experience as a travel, editorial and stock photographer. I have made more than 5 Institutional Photo Books for Editorial Planeta, showing the hotels, offices, clinics, clubs, and activities of National Working Unions, Governments, and Tourism Bureau Offices. 
My travel and landscape photographs have been published worldwide, in the most known travel books, magazines and newspapers.
More about my work and professional experience in the buttons below:


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